Kate Niederhoffer

Kate Niederhoffer, Ph.D.

Kate’s professional mission is to share psychological ideas with a broader audience and liaise academia and business. She was previously the founder of Sooth, a mobile platform for advice and Knowable Research, a research and consulting firm focused on the incorporation of social science into product and marketing research. Prior to that, she was Director of Measurement Science at Nielsen Online (BuzzMetrics) and EVP, Strategy at Dachis Group (now Sprinklr). 

Jean Marc Emden

Jean Marc Emden

Jean Marc believes people have an inherent need to share their dreams and that we are missing a huge opportunity to provide this destination, globally. He sees an untapped opportunity for marketers to better understand their constituents, and more broadly for society to understand the dimensions including the health of our population. Jean-Marc has spent nearly 30 years leading investments and building high performing teams in the financial sector and is now the CEO and Founder of DreamsCloud, the global online destination for dreams.


Jamie Pennebaker, Ph.D.

Jamie is an internationally recognized social psychologist who's endlessly curious about human nature. Currently, as Executive Director of Project 2021, Jamie is leading the charge to establish the infrastructure for innovation across the University of Texas at Austin campus through course design, technology integration and rigorous evaluation. He was chair of the UT Department of Psychology for 9 years and is also the creator of Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC), a computerized text analysis program that is now widely used in academic, government, and corporate settings under the name Receptiviti.



Mainak Mazumdar; Chief Research Officer, Nielsen; Expert: Measurement Science


Lauren Klein; Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech; Expert: Digital Humanities


Wade Davis; Explorer in Residence, National Geographic; Expert: Anthropology, Ethnobotany


Jen van der Meer; Entrepreneur, Reason Street; Expert: Health Technology

Jonathan Schler; Professor, Computer Science; Expert: Data Science

Sheri Johnson; Professor, Psychology; Expert: Psychopathology, Bipolar Disorder